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A small and cozy town on the Mediterranean coast of Spain Torrevieja from the middle of the XX century is steadily developing as a modern multicultural center. A favorable climate, generous nature are both an excellent motivation to buy an affordable apartment in Spain in Torrevieja in an area with multi-story buildings.

One of these places is Playa del Cura. It got its name from the city's main beach. Hundreds of tourists flock to the seashore every day. Acquisition of real estate in the area of Abaneras Avenue is a very profitable investment, as there is always an opportunity to rent it out.

The development of the area began in the 1960s, so there are many options for buying an apartment in Torrevieja on the secondary real estate market. Over the decades, a successful entertainment industry and accessible social infrastructure have developed bringing more people interested in buying property here.

Buy an apartment in Torrevieja

The cultural center of Torrevieja is a few blocks south of Avenue Diego Ramirez Pastor in the oldest urban area of Centro. The town can offer many architectural monuments of various centuries, a theater, a salt and water museum, a casino, a philharmonic society, a yacht club and other attractions.

The best apartments in Torrevieja are located between the sea and Diego Ramirez Pastor Avenue.

The social housing quarters are located in the El Acequión — Los Náufragos neighborhood. Most of the construction was carried out in the 1980s, in some houses there are no elevators, so the price of apartments in Torrevieja is relatively low.

Among the new buildings in the district are two towers of the La Barraca skyscraper. One of them will house an elite hotel, and in the second one you can buy an apartment in Torrevieja overlooking the sea coast. The main attractions of El Acequión are the Park of Nations, Skate Park and Doña Sinforos Park.

In the northern part of the city, along the seashore stretches the relatively quiet area of the beach Los Locos. Old and new apartments in this area often belong not to Spaniards, but to citizens of Russia, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Romania.

Not far from Los Locos beach is the area of three high-rise buildings — Aldea del Mar. In the same part of the city there is a symbol of Torrevieja, a 15th century watchtower. Toro del Moro. New quarters of the city with many recreation areas, the prestigious Ciudad del Mar school and shopping centers are being actively developed next to it. It is quite possible to find an apartment of a suitable size and price in other small districts and urbanizations of Torrevieja.

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