Glued laminated timber houses – eco-house in Spain

In the recent years, the construction industry is paying more attention to the building of houses from glued laminated timber, profiled and other LVL structures. This trend has become increasingly popular all over the world, and Spain is not exception.

Woodmarkgroup has been working in the construction industry for many years now and we have been building wooden houses since 2013. Our company constantly strives to expand the geography of these services. Currently, the most popular and demanded direction is the construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber in Spain. And the reasons for this are the following.

Houses built from natural materials such as dense fiber pine, spruce, Siberian cedar have many advantages:

- Durability;

- Environmental friendliness;

- High performance properties of the material: strength, good thermal insulation;

- Presentable appearance.

Building of houses from glued laminated timber

The construction of houses from laminated veneer lumber in Spain, in addition to these important characteristics, has a number of other advantages: a short construction time and no shrinkage of a new house, which makes it possible to carry out a finishing work immediately after the completion of construction and guarantees a quick settlement in a finished home.

Construction of houses from glued laminated timber – technology behind

 Design and approval of the plan. The construction company Woodmarkgroup, which is engaged in the construction of wooden houses from laminated veneer lumber, has ready-made projects for every taste and income. But the customer can always request to make certain changes in a project. It is also possible to order a completely unique, individual project, your own vision of a dream home, if you want.

 After the creation and approval of the project and estimate, all documentation is approved by all parties and municipal services. Then the project of the house goes to production, where the production of all the details of the future house takes place. Building material from laminated veneer lumber is made by using modern equipment and innovative technologies and using high quality wood. The average production time for a set of building materials for one house is about two months;

 The foundation of the house is being built on a pre-selected site. Due to the relatively low weight of laminated veneer lumber, the foundation of the future house does not need to be too deep or strong compared to the usual type of housing.

The construction of the foundation is carried out during the manufacturing of various structural parts of the house in production. This way the overall time of a construction project is significantly reduced;

 Next we have the delivery of materials to the object. We start with the fastening and installation of supporting structures – horizontal and vertical beams;

 After that, a roof structure is being erected, on which the covering is laid;

 We continue onto the next step with the construction of walls, internal partitions and ceilings. The sub-floor is being laid;

 Before going to the last phase, the laying of engineering networks and communications is being carried out;

 Lastly, final touches go to both the exterior and interior of the building.

The average construction time for a turnkey glued laminated timber house is about 4 months. After this short period of time, the buyer will be able to move into a freshly built and finished home.

Houses made of laminated veneer lumber are a premium-class housing made of natural building materials, and the clients can expect from them:

 An environmental friendliness, being safe for both people and the environment;

 Durability. The ability to maintain its original appearance for decades;

 Aesthetically pleasing. Such projects make it possible to design a spacious terrace in houses, panoramic windows and live in harmony with nature. In addition, it is an opportunity to use unique architectural structures in the project of the whole house and roof. Such houses will ideally fit into the overall landscape design of the backyard territory;

 The atmosphere in the house will be perfect, thanks to the natural building materials from which it is built. Inside the house there will always be a special micro-climate with a comfortable temperature and humidity, in a such type of house the summer or winter will be much more enjoyable;

Construction of Eco-houses in Spain is carried out by real professionals, who will quickly and efficiently translate your project on paper into a real house of your dreams.

To sum it all up, houses made of laminated veneer lumber have all the necessary qualities of a comfortable housing: they are environmentally friendly, durable, very pleasing aesthetically on both the exterior or interior and, lastly, are quite affordable.

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