Houses made of wood and glued laminated timber: what is the secret of success?

In your everyday life, you can often hear the stories of people who abandoned the hectic lifestyle of huge metropolitan areas in favor of more quiet suburban life in harmony with nature.

Energy saving, ecology — such topics have become increasingly important for modern people. Probably, these are also the main reasons why the construction of Eco-houses made of wood in Spain is becoming more and more popular. Many other countries, such as the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, have been pioneering the projects for the construction of Eco-houses and Eco-villages for a long time.

What is an Eco-home in Spain? It is a completely harmonious system of housing, personal plot and environment. On paper, such a house has its own heating system, autonomous water and energy supply, a complete waste disposal system while at the same time not harming the environment. Unfortunately, in practice, these houses have only a few of such features or options.

Energy supply and complete waste disposal are particularly difficult.

Construction of wooden houses in Spain

The rest of the construction of an Eco-house in Spain is quite affordable. For the construction of such houses, you can choose a ready-made project, or order an individual, custom made one to suit your tastes.

Woodmarkgroup has been constructing houses from profiled and laminated timber since 2013 and now offers timber construction on the Costa Blanca.

The material for an Eco-house should be environmentally and Eco-friendly, recyclable and not violate the principles of interaction of natural ecosystems. There are many projects out there made of clay, straw, organic concrete, but the best option is, of course, wood.

Wooden houses with natural ventilation and a special micro climate are an excellent example of a cozy and comfortable Eco-home.

The construction of such houses has been going on for many years all over the world, and now the construction of wooden houses in Spain is also becoming popular.

Wooden houses in Spain have earned an excellent reputation. It is worth noting that houses made of laminated veneer lumber or profiled lumber are completely environmentally friendly and have a pleasant aesthetic. The layout of the houses allows you to create a unique type of interior, individual to your needs. Plus, don't forget about the cozy atmosphere created by wood. Psychologists note that people living in such houses feel much better, they are calmer and happier.

Choosing to build a wooden house in Spain as an environmentally friendly housing, you not only preserve nature for future generations, but also enjoy the warmth and comfort that natural wood gives.

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