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A suburb of Torrevieja — La Mata is not a large town but this did not prevent it from becoming a popular holiday destination in the south of the Costa Blanca. Located next to the Molino del Aqua Natural Park and next to the salty emerald lake Salada de La Mata, it captivates many visitors with a less hectic and a much slower, calmer pace of life.

Investing in Real estate in La Mata is a solution that can guarantee an additional source of stable income. The cost of houses and apartments here is constantly growing in value, which is also helped by the wonderful microclimate of the region and many magnificent beaches which many families prefer.

Real estate in La Mata

The main attraction of La Mata is its extremely long sandy beach which stretches for nearly 2 kilometers. All conditions for a carefree vacation are created on this wide and gentle coast. Here we can find plenty of playgrounds for children, many sports grounds, medical centers, rescue and sea safety infrastructure with towers, as well as, showers and rental points for beach accessories.

Playa de la Mata has almost no natural shade, but there are plenty of sun umbrellas, from where you can watch the seaside landscape for hours on end. But if you prefer a more active "relaxation" it is always possible to do some diving or surfing on high waves.

In the city center, Real estate in La Mata is widely represented by apartments, townhouses, villas and multi-storey buildings. This area has a lot of green parks and a great pedestrian zone with a wooden pavement running along the entire beach. On the first line by the sea, there are numerous shops and several cozy cafés and restaurants.

The areas near the central city square of Encarnación Puchol are no less attractive for those wanting to buy real estate in La Mata close to many historical sites. This square is also a place for the main cathedral, Paracuya Nuestro Señora del Rosario, and not far from it the old salt pier of the Embarcadero de la Sal and the coastal watchtower of La Mata.

It does not matter where your Real estate in Spain in La Mata is located, because you can get everywhere in just a few minutes of a leisurely walk. Every Wednesday, vendors from nearby townships offer fresh fruit, seafood, some everyday items and souvenirs in numerous stalls.

The experts of the agency Woodmarkgroup, who know all the secrets of the area, will help to make the optimal choice of choosing and buying Real estate in La Mata. High professionalism and comprehensive competence of the employees will help you to find the best answer to the most difficult questions.

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