Real estate in Spain: apartments, villa, townhouse

Spain can be considered one of the most popular European venues for tourists. Every year more than 50 million people from all over the world visit this sunny part of Europe. The famous Mediterranean coastline, which stretches from the French border to the Strait of Gibraltar, has over beautiful 2,000 beaches. However, beach holidays are not the main reason so many people decide to visit Spain.

Magnificent monuments, astonishing architecture from different eras and civilizations, works of great Spanish artists, poets and writers, which contributed immensely to the world's cultural heritage, also tend to attract many tourists every year.
Investing in real estate on the coast has always been profitable. But depending on where you buy that said property the prices can vary by a wide margin. Acquiring something similar in Nice or Italy would obviously cost more, while not necessarily offering a better option at the same time. That is why real estate in Spain is truly one of the best options new buyers might have.

Real estate in Spain: villa, apartments, townhouse

Spanish coastal resorts

In Spain you can find a large and interesting selection of seaside holiday destinations. Each coast is rather unique and differs from other similar spots in the variety of natural areas and individual characteristics of the coastline.

Costa Brava is the name of the coastline that originates from the French border, which is located in northeastern part of Spain. This area has great climate. In summer, the temperature rarely rises above 35 degrees, warming the sea a month later than in the southern provinces.

Costa Maresme — is another popular Spanish coastline, located close to the Costa Brava, it has a very developed infrastructure, with wide golden beaches without any rocky cliffs or steep descents into water.

Costa Blanca is one of the most popular holiday destinations not only for the Spanish locals, but also for the tourists from all over the world. This coastal area stretches from the borders of the province of Valencia to Murcia.

Costa Blanca is a truly fabulous place with long, endless beaches with white sand and an incredible climate. There are no cold winters or hot summers and it is sunny almost all year round. The climate is so great that there is even a dedicated Climate Monument.

Real estate in Spain is in great demand, for many reasons but probably the most likely one is that only here you can find all kinds of housing at very affordable prices. Our company – Woodmarkgroup, will offer you the best Spanish Real estate prices on the Costa Blanca. We will not only help you with the purchase but also can offer our services after the purchase was made.

Costa del Sol, this coastal line stretches from the city of Malaga to the Strait of Gibraltar. Located in the southern part of Spain it is considered to be the most prestigious destination by many holiday makers.

But property in Spain on the Costa del Sol is quite expensive, so not everyone can afford to buy a house in this region.

What property in Spain can you buy on the coast?

The tourist boom in recent years has brought about a number of changes in the Spanish property market. Modern towns have sprung up on the coasts in place of old fishing villages. Many Europeans prefer to buy real estate in Spain rather than to book a hotel room. Inexpensive apartments or townhouses for summer vacations are in high demand.

If you decide to buy a property in Spain, do not hesitate to contact Woodmarkgroup. We have over ten years of experience working in the Real estate sector of the Costa Blanca and our company can offer our clients the best housing at the most affordable prices, be it a small apartment for a holiday retreat or rental property.

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